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This web site is a reference source of airline and airport issued postcards throughout the years and from around the world. I am not offering these postcards for sale or trade. All copyrights belong to the original owner. My goal is to create a database of all known airline postcard images so you can search and sort on images using your criteria. For now, I will not be including postcards printed by commercial publishers as a general rule. If you have any postcards not shown on this web site, please send me a scan of your postcard. Thank you.

Please review our Publishing Listings under the 'Pages' section. If you can help us fill in the missing blanks for publisher issued postcards, please send us a description or, better yet, a scan of the front and reverse side of the card. A special thank you to Ken Bateman for his assistance with this project.

HINT - If you go into one of the Galleries, the files will be listed by upload date so you can easily see the latest additionsl to the database. If you use the Search function, the files will be displayed in alphabetical order.

'Airport Postcards' Gallery - A showcase of airport postcards. The file name format will be: Country / City/ Airport Name / ARPT #. Example: 'USA CT Hartford Bradley ARPT 1' for Hartford, Connecticut's Bradley International Airport. My primary focue will be to update the airline issued postcard pages.

Please read the following document to maximize your use of this web site.

The "Gallery pages contain three areas:

"Recent Airline Postcard Additions This section contains the latest additions to the database, updated on a constant basis. The postcards will be sorted to show that latest additions first.

Airline Issued Postcards. The master database of all images with the postcards sorted by file name.

Airport Postcards - Our database of airport postcards.


The general format: Airline Name, Aircraft Type, Publisher, Card Number

Example: Aer Lingus B707 AI 2 Aer Lingus, Boeing 707, Airline Issue, Card #2

AI = Airline Issue, NAI = Non Airline Issue.

Note: Certain publishers will be included in the search database fields: SK Skilton, Dennis DN, 'Editions PI' for Editions PI and MO for Movifoto Colombia.


You can search for postcards by airline, aircraft type or country.

Airline: You can search by airline name. Hint: Use the name that you see in the postcard file name. I've tried to be generic and consistent: Pan Am, United, Eastern, etc. When possible, I've added any former names into the search criteria fields. If you search by "USAirways", postcards from Piedmont will appear. You can also search for Piedmont by itself. Aeronaves de Mexico will appear under searches for AeroMexico.

Aircraft Type:

I've tried to keep the aircraft types as generic as possible to keep things simple.

Airbus: A300, A310, A318, A319, A320, A321, A330, A340, A380
Boeing B307, B314, B377, B707, B720, B727, B737, B747, B747SP, B757, B767, B777, B787
Douglas DC-1, DC-2, DC-3, DC-4, DC-5, DC-6, DC-7, DC-8, DC-9, DC-10, MD-11
(Note: All MD-80/MD-90 series aircraft will be listed as "DC-9" in the search criteria fields.)
Fokker: F27, F28, F50, F70, F100
Use "Convair" for CV240, CV330, CV440, CV580, CV640
CV880, CV990 for the Convair 880 and Convair 990 aircraft.

"Convair" will be used to group all Convair twin props together as well.
Lockheed: L10, L188, L1011, Constellation (for all Constellations regardless of model)
Bombardier: DHC-2, DHC-6, DHC-7, DHC-8 (inlcudes Q400 etc.), and CRJ (for all models 100, 200, 700, 900)
Embraer: EMB-120, ERJ for EMB-145, EMB for EMB-170 and EMB-190 (includes 195), EMB for all
Martin: M130, M202, M404
Ford: All models of the Ford trimotor
Sikorsky: All models identified as S-38, S-40, S-43 and so on. You can also search using 'Sikorsky' to see all images of Sikorsky aircraft.

Other manufacturers and aircraft types will be listed along the same formats - Comet, Trident, Concorde, VC-10, BAC1-11, BN-2A, HS748, Metroliner, SF340, SF2000, J41 and so on.


You can also search by the country name where the airline is based. If the country doesn't exist today, I've added both the former and current names to the search fields. Example: Zaire would be listed as "Zaire" and 'Democratic Republic of the Congo'. Use 'USA' for the United States and 'UK' for the United Kingdom.

Other Search Tips:
Fact - Aircraft fact (technical data) cards
Fleet - Multiple aircraft images on one postcard
Crew - Postcards featuring flight attendants or cockpit crew members
Promo - Any other airline postcard without an aircraft
Interior - Aircraft interior scenes
Art - Postcards as works of art such as travel posters
Menu - Menu postcards
3D - 3-dimension postcards
QSL - QSL radio call sign postcards
ARPT - Airport postcards
Cockpit - Cockpit scenes (also try 'interior')
Private - Non-airline operator or unknown
Fantasy - Airlines or aircraft that never existed
Map - Postcards with route maps
Historical - Postcard part of a 'historical' aircraft series


If you double click on the photo image, you will see an information box on the bottom of the page. If there is any specific information pertaining to this postcard, I will add the information here publisher name and reference number, airport location, and any other special information.

Please send any corrections/updates by contacting me via email at with reference to the file name. I also welcome any postcard scans to add to the database as well!

Thank you for visiting our website!

Bill Demarest

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